Yvonne Wildig

I absolutely love my work.  I get to meet a huge range of people and help them make the most of their health.  I am interested in how pregnancy and ageing affects our bodies; however I welcome the chance to help anyone with aches and pains.  We all know that desk-based work, repetitive tasks,  sports     and adventurous pursuits take their toll on the body too.  We get the most out of life when

 we are feeling well, strong and healthy.

My approach to osteopathy is working with the physical structures of the body (as opposed to the cranial approach preferred by some osteopaths).  I am fascinated by the biomechanics of the body and go about it quite clinically.  I believe someone's attitude, posture and life circumstances all contribute to how we use our bodies.  How the mind affects the body is called a psychosomatic effect.  I have unpublished research in the relationship between chronic low back pain and emotional processing.

In 2013, I was privileged to be selected for the OsteoMAP course, allowing me to learn new techniques in managing persistent pain.  In 2014, I was trained directly by Dr Stephen Sandler on sacro-coccygeal manipulation. 


I believe in trying to resolve acute issues as quickly as possible and aim to do this within 3 sessions.  I will only book you in again if I genuinely feel it would benefit you.    

I studied at the British School of Osteopathy (now known as the University College of Osteopathy) to gain my Masters of Osteopathy degree.  I continue to research in my spare time in order to refine my techniques and find the best way of keeping people well, strong and healthy.

Upper Back Stretch


"Some time ago, I developed a very severe RSI and was unable to write, type or do everyday chores without a lot of pain.  I tried many different treatments and several osteopaths and although they helped to some extent, they never really seemed to get to the heart of the problem or make a real lasting difference.  By the time I saw Yvonne, I was pretty sure I had a chronic problem that would never go away.  However, with Yvonne's expert help I have been making a real lasting recovery.  I would recommend her without any hesitation to anyone suffering from musculoskeletal problems.  She really is an amazing osteopath!"

C.F.  Final year PhD Student, 43, 3 Sept 2016

"I contracted reactive arthritis twenty years ago. Since then I have always stayed active to keep my joints moving, but I have always suffered discomfort and poor sleep. That is until I met Yvonne. She showed me how to correct my posture and gait, and was able to release locked-up tension in my joints and muscles. Since then I have been able to sleep better, and exercise more. I also have a greater appreciation for my body and how it works. She quite literally changed my life."

C.B. Senior Manager, 41, 2 July 2017

"I have known Yvonne since she started her long 5 year training to become a fully qualified Osteopath, which of course she now has become. She is the most rigorous and exacting Practioner I have ever been to and that is why I remain, after 10 years, a long-term client.

Yvonne listens to what the problem is and talks through all the options of what is causing the problem and how to make it better. She is relentless in her pursuit of healing and making one whole and well again. I cannot recommend Yvonne highly enough. She is beyond professional in all she does and always goes one step further to ensure she has all the information at her fingertips.

Yvonne’s therapeutic massage is the best I have ever experienced and I feel lucky to know her and be able to utilise her healing hands and delightful personality. She is absolutely the best in my view."

K.S. - Founder Insider Chic, 24 August 2017

"It takes a lot for me to recommend a product or service, but when my sister told me about her shoulder issues I immediately booked her in with Hampton Osteopathy.
Yvonne is interested in good health and supplies information as well as exercises instead of unnecessary regular repeat visits. Her treatments are effective and, compared to other practitioners I have been to, I leave feeling better without as many side effects.
I trust her to do what she feels is best for me and anyone I refer to see her."

C.F. Financial Admin, 16 September 2017